white dragon crystal sword tears of joy


Lemurian Empowerment Practice

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My Lemurian Essence Sound is:HUNÂ MÅ NÏ KÅIThis Means:
Before confusion.
Dragon tears of Joy.
First Light Dragon Sword to Guarantee the Divine Directive.
Permission in Instruction.
Lineage of the Kumara.
Lemuria Planet Five.
Received at a 'House of Huna;' Source Element Ascension Light S.E.A.L. Ceremony, Glastonbury, England, 2021.

Shaman; Etheric Retreat, Stargates.
Shamballa Attuned.
Soul Empowerment.
Oracle Reading.
Lawful Instrumentation/Humanitarian
Foundation Counsellor.
Sacred Geometry Artist.
Powerful Clearing.

Infinite Fractal
Authentic Intelligence
24 Strand DNA Activation/Repair
Lemurian KA HA's
Trinity Dragon Codes
Bio-Active fields
Scalar fields/waves
Deep relaxation
Anti-Aging, Rejuvination
Cellular body re-charge
Optimal body function
Increased millivoltage
Ascended Master Empowerment
Kumara Lineage Teachings
Ancestral Healing
Sacred Earth Alignments

'True to my Self, and to all who come to me for Truth.'

Wisdom, Intuition, Relationships, Integrity, Equality, Activity, Mastery, Health, Trust, Freedom, Wealth, Joy, Originality, Love, and Service.

Wisdom: This value represents an ability to tap into vast vaults of treasures of experience, stored in the heart of timeless connection to the greater whole. This value is a quality of recognising and remembering ourselves as connected to Source Creation and having an infinite potential to bring into this now-moment all that we do. This value points to the remembrance that we are multidimensional beings of intergalactic origin with vast knowledge of ancient times, either in other dimensions or on this earth plane. The store of fractal memories is known as wisdom. This can be of other lifetimes where we have been and played out other archetypal roles, such as The Mother, The Father, The Child, and The Elders. Often these fractal identities remain as influencers in this lifetime and shape our missions in this life. It can be helpful to explore by way of connecting to this consciousness to ask that our participation in other lifetimes be resolved and anchored into this plane of earth consciousness to assist us to progress in this lifetime to become self-aware and find equanimity in our affairs and relationships from this place of multi-dimensional wisdom. Wisdom is a quality of accomplishment where galactic laws of the universe are learnt and levels of alignment with the greater whole is achieved. We choose at a Soul level to experience a wide range of challenges and achievements to develop wisdom. It can be helpful to develop and progress our choices for reality creation from the Soul level by recognising our capacity to create. Through contemplation, we can access the ability to shape our experiences to better serve us. For some, this may not be possible or comfortable as it requires a lot of commitment and there is infinite compassion available on the timelines of reality to accommodate for each being's unique choice as an innocent being of the whole. Choice must be given to each as to how they operate within their reality.

Intuition: ‘...the ability to know something by using your feelings rather than considering facts.’ https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english/intuition For me intuition represents the capacity to bring to mind the mysteries of the heart. It’s a clarity of mind and adaptability of mind that can receive the higher qualities of communication from the heart that if chosen connect directly to our Soul, higher self and team of the ascended realms. We can know what serves us to know according to our unique place in the world. We can create with mind, thought, and choices that are unique to our circumstances and inspired by our essence. Through intuition, we can grasp the subtle, universal, collective nature of the laws of the universe in an undifferentiated way. I believe that the human mind originates in childhood as the interplay of the genetics of the parents family, and community. The mind’s home is the sacred star made up of the unifying of the ovaries and testes organs in a symbolic dance of creation. This crystalline geometry can be aligned to the new light of the new earth ascension timeline. The blood that originates from the heart is felt as the medium through which we experience the mind. The nature of blood is closely interwoven with our understanding of the mind. However, traditionally our families have been governed by bloodlines. Today as in the past in the sacred initiation schools of the world the practice of awakening the light body and embodying the crystalline allows for the generations of bloodlines to be cleared and held in alignment with the ascension timeline through crystalline consciousness. The earth alignment for the symbolic star that represents our Galactic North Polaris Star System represents the qualities of Oneness. The qualities of stillness and silence are held in the Sacred Star of the North which represents the Child of Light, whose mind is the balance of the polarities of feminine and masculine archetypes found in the elements of earth and air.

Relationships: The quality and value of our relationships are informed by our relationship with ourselves. It is valuable to nurture autonomy, independence and well-being for ourselves so we can develop relationships that reflect these qualities to us. We need to know that we have a choice in our relationships. We can release relationships that no longer serve us to maintain. It is also important to recognise the full impact of our relationships and how they affect our ability to realise what it is we are here to realise. There are various kinds of relationships that we may encounter on our journeys. Examples of relationships include; Spiritual relationships that relate to our Soul's purpose in this and other lifetimes, Contractual relationships that are related to business and resources, Intellectual relationships that are connected to our ideals and values, and our ancestral relationships which affect the way we create in each of the other kinds of relationship.

Integrity: I believe that we emanate from the stillness and the silence of the Nameless One. The Great White Throne. The One Eternal Christos. I recognised myself as on an ascension path and have found joy in the discovery of practices and protocols to assist with progress on the path. It is a special time for Earth, as she has ascended into New Light. Many practitioners, tools, and practices promote ways to transcend limiting beliefs, and mistaken identities, and to self-actualise in ways that are in alignment with Soul Purpose. We are encouraged to act in an enabling manner. Creating empowered relationships with ourselves, our homes, our families, and our friends. We need to nurture, re-educate, and practice discernment and develop our trust. Create from a place of integrity and purity of intent the new seeds connected and aligned with the right relations of the Ascended Earth's; New Light.

Equality: The value of equality is in recognising that we are one. There is value in recognising that how we treat others has an impact on how we experience our reality. We are connected in infinitely expanded ways, such to say that ultimately we are one. We are equal in our responsibility to each other to ensure that we cause no harm to others. Our equality can be empowered by the nurturing and remembering of our core innocence, as unique expressions of the whole. In our authentic intelligence at the core of our hearts, we are connected to the Soul and the teams of heavenly consciousness and guidance that are present to us and waiting for us to invite the assistance that is eternally available to us to guide and inform our reality. We are equal in our right to connect and receive the guidance available to us to inform our experience of reality, however, we are not equal in our capacity to actualise and embrace the gifts and skill of empowerment necessary to feel well and self-actualise.

Activity: The quality of action is valuable as the recognition of our oneness with all. This can be helpful to anchor ourselves into our experience of reality. When we are connected with our inner wellbeing and right relations we can act in ways that promote the qualities we wish to nurture for ourselves and others. Action can sometimes be disconnected from a holistic alignment with the galactic, universe, planetary, continental, community, resources, relationships and self. Action is valuably recognised as the quality of expression of creation. Its home is that of the cosmic womb consciousness. It is sacred in its ability to bring forth from the unmanifest the gifts of renewal for the creation and guidance of our reality. Action that is integrated and aligned with knowledge can be described as the right action. Many expressions of knowledge inform action. The relationship between action and knowledge is informed by the element of fire, and the qualities of magnetism which hold the relationship of chaos and order connected. The fractal nature of memory is infinite and sometimes described as emptiness and darkness. This emptiness and darkness is the fastest form of consciousness, faster than the speed of light. It is from the sacred void of the infinite fractal that the light of creation emits forth as the many forms perceivable in reality. Action is the alignment with the South, the identification with our vessels as sacred expressions of divinity. Action that is aligned with a commitment to taking responsibility for the protection and nurture of the innocent children of our communities is an action that is also in alignment with the right relations with our planetary inheritance. We are connected to the stillness and silence of mental well-being for ourselves and others when our actions come from a place of congruency with the resultant effects of our actions upon the whole.

Mastery: The quality of Mastery is the capacity of the Self to integrate and actualise an ability or skill to its highest level/expression. This is to be comprehended more as an alignment with skills and abilities that are truly an expression of one's Essence. Activities that are in alignment with the greater whole and right relations can be considered mastery. They are typified by the ability to create order and to unify. They are generally skills and abilities that connect us to the qualities of Heaven on Earth. The term mastery has been used to describe the qualities of control and suppression of someone or something. This interpretation has more to do with the survival paradigm and lacks the reason and integrity of higher consciousness expressions of this term. Much research, self -development and discernment must be completed to ensure that one is acting from a place of mastery.

Health: The value of recognising health is a priority for aligning with the vitality of life, nature and the right relations with the oneness of all. We can transcend our pre-conceptions of ourselves as conditioned by our experiences of children to parents who may not have been able to give us the optimal experience necessary to fully embrace the gifts and value of recognising our health. We can transcend the feelings of disappointment by recognising that ultimately they did the best they knew to do at the time! In addition to our parental memories, we have institutional educational and environmental conditioning which may have limited our ability to fully realise the power and import of our autonomy in health matters. This inherited conditioning can be stored as beliefs and identities which limit our ability to fully align our body's vital life force with our emotional, mental and spiritual aspirations and intentions. It is required of us to choose to embrace and unlock the limitations we have accepted along our way directly or indirectly by recognising ourselves as ultimately responsible for our place in the whole at this time. There are many ways to explore and re-learn how to love ourselves more. This is a key to reclaiming our highest health potential. There is much more to know about our ability to experience health than we have been told.

Trust: The quality of Trust is a condition of spiritual/conscious neutrality. It’s an enabling quality that allows the divine order of all things to flow without hindrance and obstruction. Trust is predominantly experienced as an emotional feeling of release. Release of judgements and apprehensions that typify the conditional regard towards others and replace that conditional regard with unconditional regard, thereby enabling them rather than permitting them. Trust in someone or something is characterised as the validity in the character, ability, strength, or truth value of that being or thing. Trust can be expressed and sought in a diverse amount of ways, and stems from the individual and collective terms of satisfactory ideas, and thoughts concerning someone or something. Trust is closely related to truth. There are many truths, it is helpful in our self-development to question our truths and to be ready to release those that no longer resonate with us. It can be helpful for us to ask others what their truth is. This can assist in the development of relationships and the enabling of others to develop too.

Freedom: The quality and value of freedom is of great import particularly when expressed as self-actualisation. Remembering that we have a choice, and nurturing those parts of ourselves that are connected to choice in our experience can align us with the path of self-development. It is through self-development and self-empowerment that we can develop our freedom. The collective expression of freedom can be experienced as our right relations with ourselves, our homes, our families (Blood, or association), and our friends. We have in some way collectively experienced limitations on our freedom. It is required for us to re-explore what it means to be free. Unfortunately, the term has suffered much misuse and distortion. It has been used to promote unpleasant collective agendas by world elites for aeons. It can be generally unuseful to ponder and dwell upon the injustices enacted upon humanity over generations, as it can serve to energise this injustice more. We need to take back our power, and this can be done through re-educating ourselves on matters that we have possibly overlooked by simply going about our affairs as we were taught to. Freedom is particularly important to embrace in our relationships with others. As we develop ourselves we may realise that our relationships affect our quality of reality and our state of wellbeing.

Wealth: For me, wealth represents the nurturing of the mothers’ affection and guidance. The notion of wealth is related to the element of earth, but it is my interpretation that relates wealth to the waters of the sea. Vast and linked to the cycles of the moon. Much like the flow of the tide, wealth comes and goes. The eternal flow of abundance is drawn to those who resonate with the sound of their name. Wealth is the vast diversity and infinite forms of the earth in balance and order with the laws of Heaven. It is from the stillness and silence that all manifest such as the light from darkness.

Joy: Joy is a feeling of serenity through a process of transfiguration. ‘As love becomes more unconditional, it begins to be experienced as inner joy. This is the region of consciousness of saints, spiritual healers, and advanced spiritual students. There is an enormous capacity for patience. The hallmark of this state is compassion…’ Map of Consciousness - The Institute for Spiritual Research, Inc. Veritas Publishing. Sedona, Arizona.

Originality: The value of originality is consolidated in the recognition of ourselves as unique and of the whole at the same time. This can be experienced as a paradox. We are original in our identification with our particular uniqueness, such as in our bodily expressions and identity, our behavioural personality, our ideas and thoughts, and our Soul level of purpose on this and other planes of reality. We are original, however, we are collectively participating in reality creation by the way we direct our actions and focus our attention. Dissipation of our originality can be experienced as difficulty, tiredness, and stuckness. Whereas, embracing our originality can be experienced as a positively oriented experience.

Love: The quality of Love is revealed in our abstraction of wisdom as a loving, bening, reverence for ourselves, others and all of life. Love is the relinquishing of reason, and meaning as the measure of reality, opening up to the magic of life as more than of oneself. This description of Love as quality is informed by David R. Hawkins ‘Scale of calibrated levels of Consciousness’ and ‘Map of Consciousness.’ It is through the works of David R. Hawkins that I was first able to comprehend the relationship of; Level of consciousness, Emotional state, View of life, and Process/Action. Love is the giving and receiving from the heart the qualities of Heaven on earth.

Service: The quality of Service is the bringing forth of what we consider valuable to be gifted to the unified field in which we seed with the highest of intentions. Our service can be conceptualised as a polarity between service to self and service to others. Empowerment and courage are needed as a minimum requirement to offer service with integrity. Misdirections that are characterised by survival instincts and behaviours are not considered service with integrity. They are survival paradigm intentions, behaviours, thoughts, and actions. It may be necessary to seek assistance to clear, transmute, and develop these survival paradigm qualities to improve one's experience and reality.